Logistic is an important factor for competition.

Today, the one who has - the biggest possible flexibility - the strongest readiness for reaction - and an efficient organization, determines the market.

Lower Bavaria - the attractive location for intelligent logistics

In the increasing market of Bavaria this region distinguishes itself with the highest economic increase, and here it is especially the area of Landshut - Moosburg - Freising. Also decisive for this are the ideal transport structures on land, on sea and in the air.

Because of the direct proximity to Munich Airport there is a connection to the whole national and international rail network.

Here, the most important connections of motorways and federal highways cross from North to South for example Nürnberg - Berlin, Frankfurt - Stuttgart, to Salzburg or Innsbruck and to the new members of the EU.

Munich is also a central location for the bimodal trailer-train company. In Munich - Riem there is one of the most modern and powerful combi-traffic terminals in Germany. Because of this you can optimize the chain of transport in the combined traffic of charge. And it supports a transfer from road to trail, which is very interesting with regard to the transport of goods crossing the Alps. The duration from Munich to Verona would for example be reduced from twelve to six hours.

The optimized location is sophisticated by Straubing and Deggendorf, two trimodal traffic centres with modern docks. In view of the enlargement of Eastern Europe it is sure that the location of these two ports can be called the central location in Europe. The distance to the ARA - Ports (Antwerpen - Rotterdam - Amsterdam) and the ports in the North is comparable with the distance to the powerful Mediterranean and/or Northern Adriatic ports. The connection to the Black Sea is new.

It presents itself, with these optimized conditions, with locational decisions for the concern to include this region primary. You must consider that the risk of expense and time expenditure in the main area of Munich is higher than in this area. Keyword: traffic collapse.

Above that, the direct neighborhood to Austria and the Czech Republic makes a direct access to the East. Therefore, there is a chance for interested concerns to build a strategical link, for opening up the markets in Eastern Europe from here. Because of the enlargement of Eastern Europe there are hardly any limits for these possibilities. The amount of transport will increase within the next 15 years twice to triple. The results are big growth potentials in the East - West trade.

... and your stock is optimized in view of expenses and customers
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